I'm Theresia McInnis, living the creative life by
"stirring emotions with paint

Are you curious to know who I am?

 Have you ever stood at the beach and tasted the rose’ sunset over the Emerald Coast, or felt the chill of excitement as the sea fog creeps like fingers over the Northwest Highlands of Scotland? I’m excited capture the sensations of the people, cultures, and nature of the world around me and express these connections, that have shaped my values and appreciation, in vivid color.

My creations help empower clients to showcase their creative living style and visually magnify the tapestry of emotional experiences that have inspired and shaped their values in their journey of life with pieces for their home and office.

My pieces have been claimed by collectors right off the easel internationally as well as here in the U.S. I blur the boundaries between photo realism and impressionism. I’ve followed a long passion for expressing myself creatively in the mediums of oils, concrete, tile, but I primarily prefer watercolor. No matter the medium, I’ve been told that “I stir emotions with paint!”

When I’m not creating art, I love cooking, gardening, designing, and creating living spaces. I’ve traveled with my best friend, my husband, making memories in many exciting places domestic and abroad, the US, Switzerland, Scotland, Italy, and my favorite, France. What you really ought to know is, I was almost banned from Giverny for bringing in my own brushes!! I do love painting on site (PleinAir). My typical subjects are varied by where I am and by what’s stirred my senses!

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You may have heard the phrase,“seeing like and artist”.


I believe that art grounds us and exhausts us; my artist mind makes me look to see things we otherwise wouldn’t see ins subject.


The act of painting requires evaluating a subject and determining what the story is, and how I will express another world under the surface of the ordinary.


This makes me appreciate and make deep connections to the experiences around me whether it’s places I’ve grown to know,  or people I’ve met in my career, or family situations.


​​I’m active member of several local art groups and participates routinely in art events: Okaloosa Public Arts (on display currently at the new Court House Admin. Bldg.), Cultural Arts Alliance of Walton County, Arts and Design Society of Okaloosa, Emerald Coast Plein-air Group, and Mattie Kelly Arts. My work is currently represented at “Artful Things Niceville"

Awards and Recognitions:

I have won awards in the above-mentioned venues including:

  • Winner of both the 2015 and 2017 Destin Seafood Festival Poster 

  • St. Stephens at Coconut Grove art show

  • 2014 “Top of the Class” awarded by CAA  and Solo Show with CAA 2015 

  • My depiction of a grandparent’s affection for a child not only won the CAA 2015 Honorable mention and People’s Choice awards but resulted in multiple commissions for “personality portraits”.

Here’s How my collectors have responded:

“There is so much heart and soul in them, that her paintings are captivating. The overwhelming emotions I experienced when the image was captured come to mind and cause my eyes to well over every time that I look at the painting; it brings me to tears. There is just so much emotion that comes through.”  KP

About her commissioned pet portrait. She cried with joy. LC

“Blown Away in Calloway” Fabulous, my husband was so surprised.

“Twin Palms in Valparaiso” A year later and my wife is still floored over this piece depicting out new home on the bayou. Thank you.

About a commissioned grandchild portrait. Ordered a 2nd commission. CC

Here’s How my art students have responded:

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Awesome work! DMK

Awesome teacher, fun class!! Love it!!  L.L.

How about your special memories?

  • Your unforgettable trip of a lifetime

  • That child that made you become a parent or grandparent.

  • The house that you made a home, or the home that made you!

  • The pet that meant more to you than most humans!

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